About Us

I’m Kesh, your fully qualified and DSA approved driving instructor from St Christopher’s Training. 

I’ve been training LGV and PCV drivers since 1986. That’s over 27 years! Since then, I’ve helped almost one thousand people pass their LGV, PCV and CPC tests. Just contact me if you would like any references from anyone I’ve instructed. If you choose St Christopher’s training, I’ll take great enjoyment and pride in assessing your skills and then delivering personalized training which gives you all of the skills and confidence to pass your test and go on to have a successful career in professional driving.

Personalized training which is enjoyable and challenging 

Not only should the best training be personalized to your needs, but it should also be one-to-one, friendly, stress-free and at your own pace. Learning and developing your new skills should be enjoyable and challenging experience so you can see your own ability grow until you’re ready to pass your test and then hit the roads as a fully qualified LGV or PCV driver. All training is prepared and delivered by myself on a one-to-one basis and can be adapted to suit your individual needs. I will do all that is possible to ensure that your course is successful. Prices will depend upon your experience and ability and there will be an initial charge of £35.00 for a driving assessment.

Prior to becoming a professional instructor, I was a professional transport driver doing many of the jobs my clients would like to pass their tests for. This means that you can benefit from real-world driving tips and advice to improve your driving skills and make it easier to pass your test.

A member of the DSA voluntary register 

As a member of the Driving Standards Agency’s Voluntary Register, my instructor status is renewed every four years, during which I’m tested in my LGV driving instructor competence and knowledge. This means that you can be confident that you will receive high quality training from a DSA approved instructor so you really notice the difference in both training quality and the speed you pass your test.