LGV/HGV C+E driver training

Special offer for 2015

A small deposit of £150 towards your training secures a free assessment. The assessment is a 40 minutes drive to see you handle the vehicle and how many hours of training you are likely to need. The usual cost for the assessment is £35.

In the event that you fail your test, we will provide free training to ensure you are ready for your retest. All you have to do is pay the DSA test fee.
The usual cost for retraining would be £145.

All of our training is carried out on a one to one basis allowing the driving instructor to tailor a specific programme to aid your progress.

Here at St Christophers’ training our aim is to make your training an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Learning at your own pace with quality tuition to help you confidently pass and find Class One driving jobs 

Ideal to learn how to drive an articulated lorry or brush up on your existing skills 

With personalized, one-to-one training from a qualified instructor with over 27 years of LGV/HGV instructor experience and real-world transport driving experience, we will give you the skills and confidence to pass your Class One test, drive all LGV vehicles and apply for Class One driving jobs. 

Plus, as you’ll be driving St Christopher’s Training very own fully articulated lorry to do your training, you’ll gain skills and experience for articulated lorry driving without having to undertake further on-the-job training to get used to a proper articulated lorry. We can also offer refresher training for Class One LGV license holders who are not used to driving an articulated lorry. This may someone who passed their test on a draw-bar or those who haven't driven for a while and feel it is vital they are best prepared for LGV driving work.

Personalised training for easier learning, fewer lessons and a faster pass

With an initial driver assessment, your instructor will assess your current LGV driving abilities and then personalize the training to your precise needs. This means that we target the skills you need to pass for easier learning and a faster pass rate. This also makes us ideal if you have existing CE/Class 1 experience and would like an advanced refresher course to feel more confident for Class 1 or articulated vehicle driving work.

Helping you learn at your own rate to pass your test and become a confident driver 

All LGV training is friendly, stress-free and goes at your own rate to make learning easy and fun. However, whilst focusing on giving you the skills to pass your Class One license, we also help you grow into a confident LGV driver with hands-on articulated vehicle training.

Join hundreds of St Christopher’s Training pupils who have found success 

If you are 18 years or older and have an LGV category ‘C’ license, you can join thousands of our students who have successfully passed with St Christopher’s Training and went on to enjoy their driving careers.


Training options include scheduled days to suit you or a consecutive 5 day course with test.                            

 Call now on 07956 437 477 for a no-obligation discussion and price on LGV C+E driver training